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Sangean RCR-22 Atomic Clock with FM-RDS / AM / Aux-in Digital Tuning Clock Radio, Silver, one Size & AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio

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  • Brand: Sangean
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Sangean RCR-22 Atomic Clock with FM-RDS / AM / Aux-in Digital Tuning Clock Radio, silver, one sizeThe popular Sangean RCR-22 clock radio combines the best atomic clock functions with convenient...

Sangean RCR-22 Atomic Clock with FM-RDS / AM / Aux-in Digital Tuning Clock Radio, silver, one sizeThe popular Sangean RCR-22 clock radio combines the best atomic clock functions with convenient footprint design and Sangean radio technology. The RCR-22 updates its time automatically from the U.S. Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado, so you are assured of accurate and reliable time. It will even adjust itself automatically for Daylight Savings Time. Large, illuminated LCD screen displays time, date, day of the week, and more. View larger The large illuminated LCD screen gives you all the vital information such as time, date, day of the week, sleep, wake times, and naptime and radio information. Separate adjustable nap and sleep timers with a Humane Wake System (HWS) make sure you get the wake-up message. The two alarm system allows 2 wake up times per day and you can select individual days for alarm activation. The clock radio is silver with a modern and sleek footprint, and will offer years of dependable operation. Updates automatically from the U.S. Bureau of Standards for accurate and reliable time LCD Display with Adjustable Brightness An easy-to-read LCD display shows you station and time as well as other information. The segment-style LCD screen measures 3.19" x 0.83", and is backlit to be easy to see even across the room. A built-in dimmer lets you adjust the brightness according to your needs. Dual Alarm with Humane Wake System The RC-22 features two separate alarms with the option of setting individual days for alarms to sound. The radio alarm turns on your favorite station at a predetermined time. There's also a Humane Wake System (HWS) buzzer alarm, which wakes you up gradually with an incrementally increasing alarm instead of a harsh, instant noise. Other alarm functions include a Snooze function and adjustable nap and sleep timers. Convenient Radio Functions PLL synthesized tuning provides exact, fade-free reception. 14 Memory Presets for 7 AM or 7 FM station selection are available and easily visible in the large LCD display. Fill your presets with Auto Seek, which finds your active stations automatically. Connect Your Portable Digital Player A 3.5mm Aux-in socket allows you to connect your iPod, smartphone, or other portable digital music player using a male-to-male 3.5mm stereo cable. Technical Specifications Display: LCD with backlight and adjustable brightness Display Size: 3.19" x 0.83" Memory Presets: 14 (7 AM, 7 FM) Tuner Type: PLL synthesized AM/FM Dial Type: Button up/down Alarm: Dual alarm with Radio and HWS (Humane Wake System) Speakers: 1 x 3" full-range Input Power: AC Dimensions: 5.9" x 3.0" x 7.6" Weight: 2lb 1.1oz Continuing in the footsteps of its predecessors, this Sangean Atomic Clock Radio is the clock that you set once and forget. Featuring a stylish white face and a large bright-blue display with white text, this clock provides high contrast and has a wide viewing angle for easy reading from just about anywhere in your room plus has such a small footprint it will leave you with the impression of quality. The clock starts by connecting to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado to set the most accurate time keeping technology currently available. Once the signal is found it will synchronize every hour to ensure that it is the right time, all the time. Once the clock is set you can program the dual alarms to wake to your favorite AM or FM station or take advantage of the Humane Waking System that begins with a low volume beep and gradually increases in intensity to slowly wake you instead of receiving a firm jolt that others provide. With its intuitive design you have the ability to select the days of the week you wish the alarms to wake you, meaning you never need to worry about being woken up on the weekends, or forgetting to turn the alarm on during the week. Once you set it, you can forget it. It also features Sangean's Super Capacitor that provides memory and alarm memories for up to 1 h

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